Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tradition Classic - Heavenly Match

This invitation concept depicts the legendary tale of the fatherly God-in-the-moonlight ties a red string around the ankles of the man and woman who are destine to be husband and wife someday, i enhance the idea by using double happiness icon and red & gold card which depicts Happiness, luck & wealth.


  1. Simply elegant~! How much does it cost?

  2. Hi fern, so sorry that i only noticed today regarding your comment when i update design today, however can you email to or call me at 017-3338223?


  3. Hello, I am very interested in this wedding invitation design. Would you be able to design it in red cardstock paper and gold ribbon, and print two languages (Chinese on right, English on lefT)? I live in Canada and is willing to pay whatever shipping fee required. My email is Thank you.